Local Man Fights Crocodile With a Rusty Nail

Today near the bayou local towns man John Janieses
Was at the bayou with his family and he saw a crocodile.
It was coming towards the boat him and his family were
on. Out of gas and an hungry gator coming for a snack,
and with no hesitation John went to action to find a
weapon to defend his family and what did he find?
A big rusty nail which he used to fight it off.
he stabbed the crocodile twenty one time to kill the

Repercussions of Killing Crocodiles?

Even though he saved his family's life, national animal society
peta has made many statements about this event.
The brutal assault on wildlife due to people want
to do whatever they want is wrong and the man needs
to be charged.
Many people disagree with the organization
even James himself but he did leave us with one last statement about
the situation. When he was a comin I wanted to do what I could and god showed
me what to do. Now because of him giving me strength to use what was
What was done to his own son. We have food for weeks.

That is all we have in this situation for now see you next time.

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